• We live in an age of technological revolutions and there is no gain saying the fact that technology has revolutionized education. However, our needs are much more than what meets the eye!
  • Martin Luther’s words become highly significant in a scenario where education is often and unfortunately considered as mere dissemination and receipt of processed information.
  • The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education”, says Martin Luther King (Jr).

Our Philosophy

Global Standard of Education with Indian Values.

Spring Mount Public School with its philosophy of global standards with Indian values should be looked upon from the perspective of a scenario where human values have become an understudy to academic excellence. At Spring Mount Public School, we envision Wisdom and Knowledge as our motto!

Our curriculum, besides academic information, includes formal and informal dissemination of the ethos that mark Indian values and culture. Our learners are advised to be catalysts of social change. Our learners are encouraged to realize their innate inclination to be good human beings! Our learners are encouraged to look upon the world as a place that needs their service! Our learners are encouraged to understand the value of austerity and appreciate peaceful co-existence!

Breath Taking Spectrum of Activities

The Concept of ‘Sound Body and Sound Mind’ Is Our Belief.

Spring Mount Public School has a breath taking spectrum of activities that kindle the physical stimuli of the children A clear perusal of the website will shed light on all these activities and perhaps leave you in amazement. The concept of ‘sound body and sound mind’ finds soulfully expressed in our system.

Our learners are continuously and comprehensively evaluated on all facets of their personality and graded accordingly. The adage ‘one’s strength ought to outweigh his weakness’ holds true in this context. CBSE’s continuous and comprehensive evaluation comes in handy in this context. The provision to grade a child’s strength and add it to the academic grading is indeed a revolutionary idea.


To Impart a Wholistic Education


At Spring Mount, our rich legacy of all-round education inspires us to even greater heights of excellence, preparing our students from nursery through junior and high school for challenges that lie ahead.