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About Campus

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Spacious and well-ventilated classrooms

Our classrooms are well-ventilated and spacious with comfortable seating arrangements. We have a cupboard in the classroom where all the sheets, notebooks are kept. This initiative is to reduce the burden of carrying heavy school bags to school every day.

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Well-equipped laboratories

At Spring Mount Public School, students are constantly encouraged to test theories, prove concepts and validate hypotheses. There are five comprehensive laboratories, one each for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math and for Computer Science. Many meaningful group projects in the sciences are assigned to students with clear but open-ended guidance from the teachers. This gives students a chance to experiment together and learn cooperatively, a skill that is irreplaceable in today’s world.

The laboratories are well designed, airy and well-lit. 

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Well stocked libraries

The school houses two libraries for students- the Junior Library in Montessori block and the Senior Library for older students. Both are imaginatively-stocked with books that cover fiction and non-fiction in all genres and subjects.

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Spring Mount Public School has an excellent  amphitheatre at the very heart of its structure. It hosts various academic and extra-curricular activities. The generous space and modern design make it the perfect venue for plenty of activities and events. This theatre is used for out-of-the-class learning, theatricals, and organizing multiple events. The amphitheatre is thoughtfully planned to inspire a learning experience and encourage participation for academic and cultural activities. Students can use this platform for their cultural programs, plays, skits etc to showcase their talents.

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Green Courtyards

Green open space, chirping birds, chill seasonal breeze makes the Spring Mount Courtyard a perfect setting to relax and read. “Green space is important as it brings beauty and health into your design. The courtyard provides a space for learning, contemplation, and a connection to nature within the school. 

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Art Studio

Another of the school’s enduring commitments is to the creative and performing arts. We believe that art, music and drama are not extra-curricular at all but an entitlement of all students and profoundly related to learning. More importantly, this incredibly talented department has led several initiatives to integrate the creative arts into several other parts of the curriculum. The result has been the creation of riveting learning experiences that have proved invaluable for students.

There are a variety of spaces throughout the school for students to explore the visual and performing arts. 

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100 percent Eco-friendly – Initiatives

As a school, we have always valued the gifts of nature and have consistently invested in Green Sustainable solutions. We have invested in several unique state of the art concepts for energy and water conservation such as:

  •    a 100% solar powered campus. All our power needs are sustained by our 60 KWh solar plant 

  •  Installation of over 25 ground water ‘re-charge pits’ all over the campus. 

  • We are the “1st Educational Institution” in India to construct a facility that combines both functionality and green sustainability.

  • Our Turf Football arena is built on an innovative 'Pervious Concrete' layer. 

  • We have provided our students with a platform to implement sustainable ideas on what it means to be a change maker. Since any conservation initiative requires a method to measure and monitor our consumption, our students completed a systematic audit of resource utilization of land, air, food, water & energy.

  •  Reduction of food wastage as part of our “Spring Zero Food print” campaign. Our food wastage last year was reduced by over 80%!

  • Any acceptable food wastage is used to fuel our bio-gas stoves in our kitchen. This has helped reduce our LPG cylinder requirements too.

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Organic Farm- “Earth Connections”

Our students inspired by our teachers have taken up organic cultivation of traditional vegetable varieties. Together we cultivate different varieties of organic vegetables such as brinjal, lady’s finger, coriander, green chilli and tomato at our little farm within the school campus. The objective is to teach children the importance of sustainability and eating healthy food. This also brings to them the awareness of non-organic foods and the impact it has on the environment; and our health. Students spend their free time  looking after the gardens. The  harvest is sent to our kitchen for meals served at school.

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The auditorium is well-furnished, air-conditioned and equipped with modern projection and audio systems with access to the internet. 

The hall has a seating capacity of around 100 people.  The auditorium is a regular venue for conferences, workshops, and seminars.

The purpose of the auditorium is to enhance the quality of education. To make this possible, the auditorium offers facilities such as LCD projectors, screens, white-boards for delivering lectures.  

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