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Beyond Academics

Spring Mount Public School believes in going "beyond academics" to help students shape their careers. We cater to every individual’s strength, to ensure a holistic development coupled with academic excellence. Arts, Music, Dance, Drama and Sports are given equal importance as academics. The "Innovation Curriculum" is unique in its approach that brings out the best in every student. It allows students to set competency-based goals in several areas.

Coaching the 'Whole Person


We believe that competency development is essential to creativity and to get future ready in life. Spring Mount Public School’s inter-school tournaments, inter-house competitions, cultural activities, art competitions are some of the opportunities provided to students. Through these pursuits, we aim to teach our students skills that would prepare them for the world of challenges, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity that lies ahead of them.

Spring Mount Personality Development Programme aims to build the overall personality of  students through its unique curriculum designed to help students lead themselves first, then others. Consequently, we focus on the process of Experiential Learning with guided reflection for a heightened self-awareness.

We have partnered with leading Higher Education Institutes to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Our partnership helps us to identify skills and nurture the same in students. These provide individual and group training to attain mastery in  specific skills.  


Physical Education







Table Tennis




Physical Education is an integral part of the school curriculum. It brings about the all-round development of the students. It involves health, nutrition and acquiring skills for games like Cricket, Football, Basketball, Skating, Tennis, Swimming, Carom, Table Tennis, and Chess. We believe in providing freedom to our learners to choose the sport of their interest. The space is totally non-coercive; the pace is customized to the learner’s needs and there is a never-ending commitment from the teachers regarding their time and energy to keep interacting with the learners.

Spring Mount Public School promotes an effective physical education and fitness programme in the Montessori, Primary, Middle, Secondary and Senior Secondary sections where all students participate wholeheartedly with enthusiasm.

We provide various opportunities for our students by giving them exposure to participate in various inter-school tournaments. The school also offers after-school sports activities for boarding students where importance is given to coaching all the students at the elementary, middle school level and also for the school teams.

We have been the host school to conduct various inter-school sports events in Skating, Tennis, and Table Tennis. We have hosted Skating competitions for both Coimbatore and Tirupur Sahodaya School Complexes.

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Art and Crafts

Art, Craft and Design embody some of the highest forms of human creativity. We aim to provide a high-quality art and design education that engages, inspires and challenges students, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design. We have a dedicated team of art teachers who specialise in pottery, sketching, painting, mural art, graphic designing and 3D printing. An in-depth art curriculum outlining the development of various skills is planned and implemented. We want our students to contribute to the culture, creativity and wealth of our Nation.

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