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Life as a Boarder

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Spring Mount Public School Aims:

  • To provide wholesome environment to the students through holistic development.

  • To ensure that  students coming from different parts of the country 'learn to live together' as a well-knit community and strengthen their relations with mutual cooperation. In a nutshell, "it is a paradise on earth"!!! 

  • To ensure better time management by the students for their studies.

  • To inculcate discipline and structured way of life that will prepare the students for future.

What makes boarding at Spring Mount Public School different?

Home away from Home !!!

  • A Pursuit of excellence - through a range of team and individual sporting activities

  • A Strong sense of citizenship- through diligent and deliberate community engagement

  • Physical, Social and Emotional wellbeing - through  dedicated and trained team of House Parents and Counsellors. 

  • Robust after school support - to enhance academic achievement

  • Building self-efficacy and confidence - through discipline and routine

  • Continuous Communication with Parents - through our integrated platform Spryngle App.

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