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Doctor’s Day Celebration @ Spring Mount Public School

Doctor’s Day Activities!!!

Stages 1,2 and 3

In honour of our incredible healthcare heroes, we planned some engaging activities that were not only fun but also helped students to learn more about the medical field and the human body.

By dropping colourful paints onto paper, students explored the beauty of blending colours and creating unique artwork. This activity symbolized the precision and care doctors show when treating patients.

Using syringes as our paintbrushes, students experimented with different techniques to create fascinating patterns and textures. This activity represented the precision and attention to detail that doctors demonstrate while administering treatments or injections.

Discovering the wonders of the human body! Our students traced human bodies on large sheets of paper and explored the different organs and systems within. By labelling and colouring these body outlines, they gained a better understanding of our anatomy. This activity highlighted the knowledge and expertise that doctors possess in diagnosing and treating ailments.


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