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Admission Enquiry Form for 2023-2024

Why Spring Mount Public School ?

Spring Mount Public School is a generously designed "Oasis for learning", that invites students to explore and learn. We offer sufficient space and opportunities for sports while preparing children for life with the highest academic standards. "The aspirations of our students are diverse, and their journeys are exploratory with numerous destinations". We encourage students to take the road less travelled by. 


Our pedagogical approaches are "innovative, creative, relevant and challenge the students’ cognitive skills". We aim to "build independent individuals who are confident and shoulder responsibility willingly."


We aim "to nurture children and believe in holistic development that has strong value system embedded in it". Values such as "social responsibility, open communication, respect for others, honesty and reliability" are not just words, but principles we adhere to daily in life and in teaching!!.



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The school is set up in an enormous, serene, calm, spacious campus set in a beautiful landscape far away from noise and pollution. 

Spring Mount Public School has the state of the art infrastructure for  Academic and Non-academic pursuits of students. Some of the highlights are as follows:

  • Spacious and well-ventilated classrooms

  • Well-equipped laboratories

  • Well stocked libraries

  • Amphitheatre

  • Green Courtyards

  • Exam halls

  • Sports grounds for Football, Basketball, Tennis, Cricket and Swimming .

  • Skating rink.

  • Provision for indoor activities such as Table tennis and Dance

  • Audio visual rooms

  • Art Studio

  • Value Education Lab

  • Organic Farm


Our campus is  100 percent Eco-friendly and supports Sustainability. We are the “1st Educational Institution” in India to construct a facility that combines both functionality and green sustainability. Our Turf Football arena is built on an innovative “Pervious Concrete” layer. This concrete layer is porous and functions as a filter as well as a rain water re-charging pit! We are a 100% solar powered campus. All our power needs are sustained by our 60 KWh solar plant.


Received By Spring Mount Public School


Message from
Chairperson and Founder’s desk

            hat started as a journey to bring world class education to the doorsteps of my         Wcommunity has grown to a full fledged K12 School with state of the art infra for


academics and beyond. A glorious dream turning to reality with the faith that we can make


it even bigger.

The enthusiasm and zeal to help children become better human beings to shape the society and their lives continue to fuel our work. Nurturing children with human values rooted deep in our culture is our main aim. This has helped us to look at education with a holistic approach where we have ventured into new territories trying to bring excellence.

Spring Mount Public School has come out with a “Constructivist Child Centred Teaching Model” that looks at a broader curriculum, deeply intertwined with social and moral development of children. This approach is based on the fact that "ALL" children can learn and progress when provided with the right kind of environment!!!.

There is equal importance given to academics, sports and cultural activities as we aim for “excellence beyond classroom”. We want to champion the idea of transforming ourselves into the “Gurukula of the Future”, where we plan to blend ancient wisdom and new technology.

As a mentor, I strongly believe in instilling the concept of “TOUCH” -Trustworthy, Openminded, Unbiased, Creative Human Being should permeate in every single member of Spring Mount Family.

“If man can have footprints on the moon, then the ‘impossible’ is possible. You are Your own Limit.”

The quest for excellence never ends-it goes on!

 Best Wishes!

Nalani Mam

Dr. Nalini Prabhu Shanker

Founder & Chairperson

Beyond Academics





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Spring Mount Public School believes in going beyond academics to help students shape their careers. We cater to each individual’s strength to ensure a holistic development coupled with academic excellence. Arts, music, dance, drama and sports are given as much importance as academics. The Innovation Curriculum is unique in its approach that it brings out the best in every student. It allows students to set competency-based goals in several areas.

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Vision and Philosophy



Spring Mount Public School is a secular school that

  • Provides holistic education by incorporating the current best practices through continuous professional development.

  • Enables students to master a broad-based curriculum that encompass a wide range of interconnected disciplines including Science, Technology, Humanities, Sports, Creative- Visual and Performing Arts.

  • Encourages students to acquire the love for learning through innovative teaching practices.

  • Is committed to academic excellence.

  • Creates an ecosystem which promotes and nurtures talent in students.

  • Promotes the idea of giving back to the community and service mindedness.

Preparing students to the realistic world and instilling core values such as 

  • Respect and gratitude 

  • Real world learning 

  • Health and fitness 

  • Sustainability 

  • Self-confidence


To create global citizens who will be life entrepreneurs and world leaders of tomorrow upholding the traditional values of love, empathy, integrity, and the mindset to serve others in the community.

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Boarding Program

Our hostel is a 'Home away from Home', abundantly providing the homely ambience that its inmates long for. Each hostel has spacious and semi furnished rooms well equipped with Air conditioners or Air Coolers with adequate facilities for water purifiers and water coolers. Besides offering a safe and serene atmosphere for studies, students have ample access to indoor and outdoor sports facilities. The hostels are guarded round the clock by security staff.  Cleanliness and hygiene are of paramount importance and maintained to the hilt.


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Join the Spring Mount Family in delivering the Future!!

Spring Mount Public School has emerged as one of the most progressive and holistic educational institutes in Tirupur. If you want to help, shape and improve the quality of education by developing young children into responsible citizens, join our vibrant and skilled faculty. We are looking for open-minded facilitators who are eager to learn, and are invested in and passionate about educating and shaping young minds.

What teaching at Spring Mount Public School looks like:

  • A well-balanced workload with adequate study and planning time.

  • An open environment where teachers are encouraged to express their ideas and opinions while also having the opportunity to implement new teaching methods.

  • A supportive and qualified peer group for collaborative learning and teaching.

  • Mentors who are competent, empathetic, and supportive.

  • A well-structured and planned curriculum that includes a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and events to which teachers can contribute based on their interests.

  • Training sessions and workshops for teachers to keep them up to date on changing syllabus requirements and subject matter.

  • Workshops focused on teachers’ well-being.

  • An ideal work environment with world-class amenities and creative freedom to teach.

  • Coaching and mentoring of new teachers through scaffolding techniques.

  • A democratic management that takes feedback from teachers and understands their requirements.

What we are looking for:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and expertise in their subject.

  • Sensitivity to the needs of every child and the ability to respond with maturity, compassion, and tact.

  • Professional conduct with students, peers, and the parent community.

  • A passion for teaching young learners in the classroom.

  • Upright and ethical towards work.

  • Involvement and participation in day-to-day running of the school

  • Commitment to their own growth and development both at the personal and professional level.

  • Maintaining fairness, punctuality, and discipline as a role model for students.

Contact Us

S.F No.514/2 & 3, Pudupalayam Village, Avinashi Taluk, Avinashi - Mangalam Road, Vanjipalayam, Tirupur - 641663

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