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Spring Mount Summer Melange#Financial literacy

Excitement was coursing in the veins of our students ever since we made the announcement of “Spring Mount Summer Melange 2023'. The students worked as individuals and in groups and planned the artifact stall. We wanted students to think and plan as creatively as possible. The objective behind organising this fair was to expose students to sales and marketing strategies. They will get to observe first hand as to how market competition works, how people may end up splurging on some of the selling products!!!! We wanted our students to put out advertisements, set up stalls that catches the attention of costumers, come out with quirky tag lines and overall enjoy their day handling business!!! We also encouraged our young entrepreneurs to soak in the experience of appeasing the crowd with combo offers or discounted rates and earn well deserved money, literally 'all in a day's work'!

Money management does not come naturally. It's acquired through observation and first-hand experience. Financial literacy refers to the ability to comprehend and apply various financial skills, such as personal financial management, budgeting, and investing. Financial literacy is the foundation of your relationship with money, and it is a lifelong learning journey. The earlier you begin, the better off you will be because experience is the key to financial success.

We have introduced financial literacy for students from grade 6 onwards. As a part of experiential learning, we organised this fair for our students on 21/4/2023. We wanted our students to make best use of this opportunity and fine tune their skills.

As a tradition we introduced the"Spring Mount Young Entrepreneur of the year 2023"award for the students who use their ideation to bring out their entrepreneur skills and business acumen.

Maanika of grade 6 got the award for highest sales. The display of her stall was creative and attracted the crowd. She single handedly set up the stall, generated the bill and handled the customers with ease.

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